Om Laila Studio is a boutique space in Toronto where we teach bellydance, Arabic music lessons and singing, self-accompaniment (dancing with finger cymbals and/or song) and wellbeing exercises.  All of these activities have deep roots in Arabic arts and culture with an openness to the wisdom of other traditions.

The studio is used for both fun and artistic study and no experience is necessary to

  • Enjoy a unique experience with fabulous people
  • Learn the grounded and sensual art of bellydance; from Earthy folklore to divine diva.
  • Music lessons specifically in percussion with Master Instructors.
  • Meet a supportive group that encourages anyone that discovers Om Laila to find their potential.
  • Sing. Classes are welcoming and freeing, healing and fun. Find out what it means to have an Arabic Face lift.
  • Try finger cymbals as a bellydancer or as a percussionist. Enjoy the mind/body workout and improved musicality.
  • Look and feel wonderful with a self-care routine to take care of your emotional and physical self including dance, sensuous stretching, joint and muscle-care exercises and playing with silk. Tone, strengthen and lengthen.
  • Delight in the sounds of live drumming, singing, oud and qanun in many classes.
  • Study any offered discipline privately with Roula as a hobbyist or professional.

Visit the store to sign up!
Many also begin their journey at Om Laila in a workshop
Or by visiting us at one of our events for a dance party and show
Perhaps you may want to see the classes we offer?!

Our studio can be your temple or your treehouse. Whether you are here for fun, healing, wellness or exercise you will find yourself at home. We have a few small points to mention as we welcome you:

  • Please arrive a few minutes early and leave your shoes and coat downstairs in the front hall.
  • The washroom is on the ground floor (just past the coat hooks) and the studio is upstairs.
  • Do not lean on the big table in the studio. It is very old!
  • Please feel free to ask us questions as they arise, to help us facilitate an enjoyable first experience for you at the studio.

Ahlan wa sahlan (be among family, be at ease)

Roula Said and the Om Laila Studio faculty



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Naomi’s lush and life-giving garden leading to Om Laila studio. The healing begins here. #omlaila #omlailastudio #sevenwaves #wombcradle #bellydance #womenanddrums #healinghaven