Posted on July 18, 2018

The Ocean of Movement and Music in New Brunswick

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Bellydance is the visual and kinetic expression of music. And music is another expression of wave movement, which is so evident in our dance form. All life moves in waves. This is just a fundamental truth. And life enters through the womb, which is central command for the bellydancer. By attuning to this Deep Inner Architecture of Belly Dance, we support and refine the primer upon which all outward technique is built – be it through dance, zilling, singing or just being your most authentic juicy goddess self. Drawing on this well-spring of profound inner connection brings the gifts of self-love and self-acceptance to all that you do. It makes everything better!
Essential Bellydance Technique and Zill Self-Accompaniment
This workshop will be taught with live drum and of course, zills.
This is Essential Technique because it is about going to the source – to a state of beginner’s mind, even for advanced dancers. Learn or revisit 5 kinds of shimmies, 6 fundamental hip-movement families from which to build, 7 waves or pathways to move energy in or out, and the profound importance of breath.
Then do it all with zills.
Play your zills like real musical instruments. Listen to their qualities of sound. Learn Arabic rhythms and ways to play zill patterns along with them. Find the pleasure in your zilling and use it to energize your dancing!
Saturday August 18

Workshops are held at: Studio Sephira 601 St-George Boulevard, Moncton, New Brunswick E1E 2C2

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