Roula Said’s Seven waves is a moving experience. It is moving through space in a delicious way; moving energy through the entire body; spiritually moving , moving body and mind in a relaxed harmony which creates a grace of movement and a feeling of grace. One is moved by music that is beautiful, joyful and sometimes almost trance-inducing. It includes the smallest and subtlest of movements that bring remarkable comfort and release. It is moving to strength. The seven waves strengthen core muscles. My back problems have diminished. Without my even noticing, my abs are stronger than any time in my entire life. Wow. It’s an extra.

For me the Seven waves is also about moving forward into the future. In my 60’s, when I might expect to be shutting down and accepting the limitations of my aging body, accustoming myself to all the minor aches and pains, I am delighted instead to find myself opening up and finding that my body and I are happier together than we have ever been.

In her classes Roula speaks of allowing, inviting, opening, listening. Her approach is gentle – one never fears injury or strain. It is the polar opposite of boot camp. She has an uncanny intelligence about the body and a very sensitive intuition. Often when she initiates a subtle change to movement, it is exactly what my body wants, and I wonder: how did she know that?

Oh, and it’s not all airy-fairy cosmic either. Earthy is a better description and with Roula, laughter is always part of the process. A seven waves session feels like a total body massage and produces feelings of joy and contentment. Really. It is that good. I love it.

-Kate McNairn – Roula’s student of many years

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Can I try my first class without committing to a series?

You are welcome to try your first class for $20 to see if it is a good fit.

What if I have an injury? Will these classes work for me?

Depending on the type of injury, these classes could be just what the doctor ordered. Seven Waves is ultimately about cultivating a capacity for deep listening to your body’s intrinsic wisdom. However, it is crucial that you speak to your instructor about your individual needs, before beginning a class. If you need to reach out to us on an individual basis, please phone or e-mail us using the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Where are you located?

64 Henry Street. 1 block east of St, George/Beverley, south of College. Runs one way south. Street parking is sometimes (mostly) available and costs $2.25/hr.It’s a short walk from College Park Station.

Go through the brown wooden gate just to the south of the house.
There are two gates side by side, go through the right one.
Walk mindfully through the private garden to the coach house door on your left.

416-571-0464 if you need help finding us.

Are these classes only for women?

Bellydance and Seven Waves are languages of soulful, feminine movement – “feminine” in so far as it is explores yielding, melting, softening in order to work the body with deep core connection and effortlessness. Can men do it? Hell yes. Do they come to our classes? Not very often!

What do I wear to these Classes?

These classes are taught barefoot. You are, however, welcome to wear socks or dance slippers if you wish. We recommend wearing clothes that you can stretch and sweat in. Sleeveless tops are best as we will generate some heat. Stretchy yoga pants or leggings are great for working on the floor. It’s important that you’re comfortable and that you don’t feel constrained.