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About classes at Om Laila

About Classes at Om Laila Studio in Toronto

Om Laila Studio is Roula Said’s boutique studio – home to Essential Bellydance in Toronto, Seven Waves Movement, Arabic Music and Song.

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Om Laila Studio Class Details

Classes at Om Laila are infused with the intention of seeing the participants as whole beings. Our mandate is to facilitate the marriage of your own self, your unique body and story with our clear and comprehensive movement, rhythm and sound lexicon.
With live drums and voice we will vibrate your very bones and ask you to commune with the “you” inside your dance and being.
We will bring you a deep and delicious experience of Arabic music and culture in an intimate temple-like setting.
Cheoreography and guided free movement will both be explored in their time.

Classes Offered

Essential Bellydance/Wombdance Introduction-Intermediate
Roula Said Music and Dance Ensemble – An ensemble class by audition
Seven Waves – All Levels
Ecstatic Chant with Live Drums
Private Classes with Roula

Monday 6:00pm-7:15pm
Essential Bellydance/Wombdance – Beginner to Intermediate

This class focuses on the fundamental technique, inner architecture, and musical awareness that creates good bellydance and healthful movement. Connect to your body in a new and nourishing light through Roula’s multi-level movement methodology. Work ever-evolving layers of hip and chest families, shimmies, waves, 8’s, spirals and circles and feel how they are pathways to feminine strength, sensuality and self-care, with deep roots in the Middle Eastern tradition. Why rename it Wombdance? because it has more to do with feminine wisdom then the organs of digestion :)

4 weeks  $99+hst = $111.87
Etransfer to info@omaila.com or email to register in advance and pay in class

Monday 7:30pm-9:30pm
Roula Said Music and Dance Ensemble 
by audition

Sundays TBA Ecstatic Chant with Live Drums – TBA
Drawing from intoxicating traditional and original Sufi-inspired melodies and rhythms, we will raise and weave our voices together in praise of the Beloved.
Simple hypnotic words in Arabic, Farsi and English make this inviting to all.
This event is by donation to the studio and to the cause. :)
PWYC at the Door

Private Classes with Roula Said in the following:
Essential Bellydance and Seven Waves
Qanun, Arabic rhythm and drumming, singing and zylls/saghat/finger cymbals.
Mentoring classes to emerging and established professionals who seek to deepen their work or venture into cross-disciplinary exploration.
Online Choreography and Zyll Lessons

Roula’s private lessons are priced between $70-$100 based on your needs and budget. Contact info@omlaila.com for more information.



There is no amount of stars on this page to express the Om Laila experience. About eight years ago I saw a flyer on a telephone pole and the rest is history. I started classes with Roula Said and although over the years I have learned from many others, Om Laila remains my foundation, where I learned not just moves but about the different cultural and musical contexts of middle eastern dance. Roula brings both tradition and innovation in her skills and knowledge of music and movement. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned dancer, Om Laila will help you get deeper into your movement. From Roula, I have learned bellydance, movement, arabic music and zyll accompaniment. Om Laila is a welcoming studio of small classes so you will have the individual guidance of the one and only Roula Said even in a group setting.


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