Once upon a time there was a dancer-singer-musician with many delightful secrets to share…

so she opened the sweetest little studio and filled it with silky veils and magical melodies…


and it soon became the temple-treehouse-home for the most awesome women anywhere

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Apr 15,2015


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Apr 04,2015

zills at om laila studio
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Introduction to Om Laila Studio

Mar 24,2015

Our space is more than just a bellydance studio and we need a class to reflect that! We provide classes that span a range of artistic and self-healing topics across the schedule and this class will offer a taste of everything from bellydance,   read more...



Not sure where to start with describing the wonderfulness of today. The singing? the choreography? the entire revamping of my understanding of how to zill (that is going to take lots of love and practice, but I know it is possible now)? the song? the generosity of Roula as an instructor? my new whole body awareness of the song?

-Beth Buss

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