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My name is Roula Said. I am a dancer, singer, qanun player, percussionist, and teacher with over 25 years experience. I would like to welcome you to my world of beautiful Arabic dance and song, and health-giving Seven Waves movement.


Om Laila is my boutique studio, my temple and my tree house. I am happy to share this very special space with an awesome group of women. Classes here are small and very much tailored to the people in the room. Our approach is holistic both in terms of our view of movement and the body and in terms of the material that we teach. At Om Laila you can learn a choreography to an Arabic song, learn to sing it, and to play it on finger cymbals or even a drum.


We teach 3 levels of Essential Bellydance in Toronto; Seven Waves Movement which is a meditative and invigorating practice that is like the Yoga inside of belly dance, and a unique class called The Musical Dancer which is a training ground for self-accompaniment with zills (finger cymbals). But perhaps the highlight at Om Laila is a very special group called the Bellydance Choir. The Choir learns beautiful songs to accompany the dances which are taught in the various classes and workshops, creating a learning and performance context that is truly integrated, culturally rich, and ever so satisfying.



Recent Posts

New Website, New Term and Om Laila Students Rock!

Feb 21,2015

This week has been super exciting for us at Om Laila Studio. For one thing,  we finally launched the new website, which has been in design + development since January. If you are in Toronto and have always wanted to take belly dance classes, t  read more...

New Intro Course and Om Laila’s Luscious Love-In Wrap Up

Feb 10,2015

  It may be cold but the coach house is always very warm and we have been enjoying a technique-based winter term across all Essential Bellydance levels from Intro - Level 3. And while we're on the topic, we added an Intro course to the cu  read more...

Student Facilitators Week at Om Laila Studio

Jan 27,2015

Class at Om Laila have been off to a great start! We also had a full and fun zill workshop that included take home videos of drills and songs to play along with. We covered patterns, rhythms and a song. There was a lot of ringing, clacking and 1,2,3s  read more...



I’m feeling the healing – give me more! More waves, more pleasure. I have found my yoga, my kung-fu. You have Rocked My World!”

-Jesse – workshop participant

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