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I was looking for belly dance classes in Toronto and found Roula Said and Om Laila Studio through a workshop. I’m so glad I did! I have been training in Middle Eastern dance/belly dance for 4 years and since learning from Roula I have improved immensely! Roula’s studio and students are awesome, and so is she!


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The incredible Naghmeh Farahmand. Always honoured to do ceremonial events with this amazing artist. Come zaar under the stars with us at Wyldwood Sojourn on August 13 and 14.

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Wave, Whirl and Chant

A INWARD JOURNEY THROUGH HYPNOTIC MOVEMENT AND MUSIC LED BY ROULA SAID WITH MASTER PERCUSSIONIST NAGHMEH FARAHMAND DRAWING FROM BELLYDANCE, YOGA, QIGONG, ZAAR HEALING CEREMONY, MEDITATIVE WHIRLING AND SUFI CHANT STORYTELLING BY MAUREEN WALTON ELEGANT MEALS BY EDGAR $200 We will start with an opening ceremony in the moon lodge (which is an authentic yurt). After a nourishing walk on Maureen’s land, we will set up our beds and head over to St. Mark's Hall, a majestic old church that is currently the residence of our host and chef, Edgar. Edgar will make our taste buds swoon with another one of his exquisite and original dinners - always a feast for all the senses. While we digest, we will work with story, drawing upon some of the biographical story work that I do at Diasporic Genius as well a native wisdom tale as told by Maureen. We will then fall into a delicious ocean of Waves. With Seven Waves as our jumping off platform, we will enter into the movement of water, the life force, shakti. The feminine will be our meditation - non-linear, mysterious, flowing in all directions. Then we head back to Wyldood and have a love affair with the night, contemplate the sky and the star stuff, maybe have a nap in a wave cradle. Prepare ourselves for a late night ceremony. Zaar under the Stars. With a carpet of grasses under us, we will surrender and release to the beat of the drum and the call of the medicine songs. Once we are fully spent, we retire to our cozy circle of beds for a story from Maureen to take us to sweet sleep. Likely around 1 am. On Sunday morning, we have relaxed breakfast and check in form the sleep through journaling, sharing, and dream bridging. Then we head to spacious St. Mark's Hall for a preparation for sufi-style whirling, followed by the whirling itself. This movement practice will be a meditation on the masculne, the upright, directional, the pillar of light. You can whirl as slowly as you need or as quickly as you safely dare. You can even just do it in your imagination as you stand in mountain pose. This is followed by another magical meal by Edgar. Finally we will head back to Maureens for a closing circle in the moon lodge to weave our experiences together and take us forward with a new layer of awareness, inshallah. At 4 pm, we say farewell and salaam.

Aug 13,2016 - Aug 14,2016