Once upon a time there was a dancer-singer-musician with many delightful secrets to share…

so she opened the sweetest little bellydance studio in Toronto and filled it with silky veils and magical melodies…


and it soon became the temple-treehouse-home for the most awesome women anywhere

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Meeting Roula in her studio setting for the first time, the most poignant sensation I experienced was that she provides a dynamic, safe space where one instantly knows it is okay to be a “real person.” For me, this is a core factor when it comes to being able to tap fully into my creativity in an honest way. Roula is so authentic, natural, earthy, in-the-moment, sensitive, accepting, modestly confident of her own knowledge and talent – and observant without being judgmental – that I think it would be near-impossible for even the most timid and uncertain of people to feel uncomfortable for long.

Navigating this planet as woman in a world that often seems threatened by female empowerment is very difficult. Learning to embrace one’s own strengths and talents in an unapologetic way is even more challenging. But sometimes finding places (whether physical or otherwise) – especially in group settings – where just being one’s natural, sensual, creative, imperfect, laughing, crying, inspired, frustrated, embodied Female Self is the challenge of all challenges. Roula creates an atmosphere where it feels okay to be strong and weak at the same time but, almost more importantly, she magically does it in a way that generates supportive, loving and sisterly bonds amongst everyone in the room. Roula creates magic.


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Ocean surprises will be in the studio today. Take one and turn it over for a treasure from the sea. Let's kick start the summery Om Laila vibe :)

We are performing at The Healing Market again this Saturday around 4pm! Come see us dance and check out fabulous performers and vendors! https://www.facebook.com/events/752871551498205/

The Healing Market "Spring Edition"

Dear Friends; We invite you to warm up with a cup of wisdom, cuddled between healing vibes and letting go what is holding us! Come out and play on Saturday, May 30th at St Stephen in the Fields 103 Bellevue Avenue at College and Bellevue Avenue near Kensington Market for the second edition "SPRING" This is a FREE Admission Event. Markets have been with humanity through out history, a place where culture, knowledge and wisdom is shared and spread, where the exchange of ideas and inspiration spark, and where interaction with our human fellows make us more UNITED. “The Healing Market” will be a family friendly market experience including Energy Healers, Craft Vendors, Organic Food Vendors, Conscious Businesses, Music and performances. The idea is to co-create community, promote alternative and natural healing, and more conscious gift-giving through out the seasons, giving city people an outlet to purchase healing and handmade meaningful gifts, and the opportunity to learn where they can find these services throughout the year. This seasonal market will also give local healers, artisans, and Conscious Businesses an affordable means to outreach and spread their services. We are joining forces to bring a spectacular day full of creativity, healing wisdom and networking for a higher purpose. New program to come this second edition Sponsor packages, Vendor Tables and Performances spots are open -- for more info thehealingmarkettoronto@gmail.com LONG LIFE TO ALL CREATURES OF NATURE! Happy Spring and Abundant season...

May 30,2015 - May 31,2015

All classes are at their usual times this week! See you there :)